Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Operation #JamtheMap

Over the past two weeks the editor has been feverishly working behind the scenes to compile three list tools for the North American occupation, primarily. These tools are not meant to replace the hard work of other occupy organizations; they are meant to mirror and augment work in progress.

The first tool is the Occupy!cons/Occupy list compiled from twitter. Currently this list contains 192 cities, states, organizations and individuals contributing content on a daily basis to the North American movement. Some names are recognizable, many others are not. All members on this list as well as ogrmi/Occupy list members are automatically included in the publishing queue of Occupy!con Magazine. The magazine is averaging 50+ news contributors per day.

The next tool is brand new; the Occupy North American map via google maps. This tool is presented with a google calendar on the when/where page. The map currently lists occupations in 101 north American cities, states and a few provinces of Canada. Both the Occupy North America map and the google calendar are open to the public. The more they are tweeted, the more content from all north American occupations will be aggregated into the Occupy!cons magazine.

  • Happy Chanukah
  • Merry Christmas
  • Blessed Kwanza
  • and Happy New Year
From the collaboration team at Occupy!con independent journalists.

For problem resolution with the map, calendar or to be listed with OccupyIcons on twitter please email editorial staff: vreedwrites at gmail dot com

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