Saturday, December 24, 2011

Peace on Earth from Occupy!con

In anticipation of a milestone for Occupy!con, we went searching for a little inspiration. Two days ago, our OccpyIcons/Occupy twitter list was at 198, we wanted to recognize the 200th member today. So a little chunk of time was spent this morning searching.
We know why the caged bird sings

Finally we turned to TheProtestChaplins of NYC for a recommendation from their list. The criteria was simple; someone who posts at least once in 24hrs, messages must be inspirational and must appeal to a broad range of people involved in social justice. There were some worthy candidates, The Occucopter was tempting. In the end we chose an organization who perfectly fit the bill and probably is not as widely known as they could be:

Faith in Public Life (FPL) is a strategy center for the faith community advancing faith in the public square as a powerful force for justice, compassion and the common good.
In order to maximize the faith community’s unique ability to shape public debates, FPL identifies and creates moments of opportunity, builds and supports broad coalitions, and designs and implements innovative campaigns, bold initiatives and capacity-building tools. FPL’s approach emphasizes results, rapid response, cutting-edge skills and media savvy.
201: Second place goes to TheOccucopter. The dedication of Tim Pool and his crew in bringing this innovation in independent videography to fruition is impressive. Tim's confidence in the technology has been unwavering as short test flights have been seen in NYC and D.C. A test flight with a brand new omni-directional antenna was aborted as the OccupyAlbany eviction broke out on Thursday December 22, 2011 as soon as he arrived on scene.

The rest of the recent additions are:
Fil Bert aka @RiotDogSF
205: Last but not least, Fil bert aka @RiotDogSF. Filbert the fearless.
Fil Bert is the faithful companion of @punkboyinsf and the reason he became a videographer of the Occupy movement. The story goes something like this; Punkboyinsf took Fil Bert for a walk, as it happens they came upon the OccupySF camp early on in the occupation. Punkboyinsf was so moved by the ambience and good will of OccupySF he empited his cupboards of staples, returning to OccupySF with his donation to the kitchen; he never left.

Loukaniko the Greek Riot Dog
Fil Bert, a Chiweenie, is known on twitter as RiotDogSF after the famous Greek riot dog Loukaniko (λουκάνικο), named for a type of sausage for which he he has a penchant. Louk is a beautiful gold mix with the face and ears of a shepherd. If we reverse the letters in dog, we get some image of a fiercely protective benefactor and best friend. In light of the danger of civil disobedience, an image that gets this author, every time. So congratulations to Fil Bert, 205.

So we wish Peace on Earth . . . and a Just New Year!

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