Monday, December 26, 2011

Occupy!con: the name, the image, the intent

OccupyWallSt, OccupyTogether, OccupyThePorts, ThePeoplesLibrary, OccupyEducated and many more; !cons in our day.

Why Icon?
What role does Occupy!con play in all this cultural upheaval? Shouldn't we have left the name to someone to use who is an outstanding graphic design affiliate? A valid critique but we think not.
The name OccupyIcon was chosen for both it's classic meaning and it's modern meaning.
i·con  (kn)
1. also i·kon (kn)
a. An image; a representation.
4. Computer Science A picture on a screen that represents a specific file, directory, window, option, or program.
[From Greek eikn, from eikenai, to be like, seem.]

Synthesized, a representative image. Culturally, shorthand standing in place of a much larger corpus. It is simply the oldest form of non-verbal communication, leading to the development of human language and sophisticated communication.

Occupy!cons mission is to provide and amplify relevant, current, culturally significant news via independent journalists. By independent we mean primarily those pioneers of the Occupy media and affiliated groups dedicated to reporting on political, social justice, human rights and equity in our day. Most of the current contributors to this site are publicly funded via public donations. Information can be found [here.]

In the months and years to come our own corpus of icons will grow. Those who have been paying attention have learned a new term; Occucopter. The term refers to an unmanned aerial object fitted with video capability, flying above the crowd and hopefully malicious projectiles, broadcasting events unedited as they happen.

Occu-tent; a structure perceived to be an essential component of free speech, providing shelter to the speaker and listener. This is not a new item of material culture; in 2009 the site of the Ludlow Massacre, was declared a National Historic Landmark. The Ludlow Massacre took place after 14 months of continuous presence, 1913-1914 by striking miners in Colorado.

ThePeoplesLibrary; OccupyWallSts spontaneous collection of primarily print material available to the public, free of charge for enlightenment, education and entertainment.

This library even became mobile at one point, providing a stocked library cart anywhere requested in NYC.

OccupyEducated; whatever your cause, whatever your beef, whatever angst motivates you to step out of your comfort zone into the melee of protest, educate yourself. According to the mission of OccupyEducated, it is that simple and necessary.
In an article this week we chose those whom we believe have become !cons of the movement to date.

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